Solaris Technology has uncovered the science of reducing solar heat gain, infrared and ultra violet light while still giving amazing visual light results.  Our liquid technology is easily applied with a cost efficient, single step process.

Solaris Technology is shining a light on the advanced performance of glass coatings.

Our cutting-edge, liquid technology puts Solaris Technology centre stage with our innovative product, SolarBlock. SolarBlock rewrites the script of what glass coating technology can achieve.

Many window film manufacturers talk about their tinted and reflective films’ ability to block heat. They seldom mention their one big problem – these films can block out as much as 85% of natural light.

The solution: SolarBlock

SolarBlock reduces solar heat gain from infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) light, but still gives amazing visual light results. It can be easily applied onto treated or untreated glass as a retrofit solution as well as at the glass manufacturing stage. An environmentally friendly coating system, SolarBlock reduces energy consumption costs from air conditioning by up to 40%.

Our simple, economical, one-step application process makes SolarBlock unique to anything else on the market today.

To put it simply, we block heat – not light.

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