SolarBlock Technology

SolarBlock is a high performance glass coating system that reduces solar heat gain, infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) light while still giving high levels of natural light and clarity.

With the rise in large glass elevations being used in architectural design projects, both commercial and residential, maintaining a comfortable environment with the right balance of heat and light can be a challenge. SolarBlock provides a unique solution to this problem.

How SolarBlock works

SolarBlock increases the thermal insulation of glass by reflecting IR and UV light to create a barrier that blocks heat and emits it outside, allowing the inside of the room or building to stay cooler, healthier and more comfortable. Visible light is maximised with no optical distortion, enabling buildings with large glass elevations to enjoy natural sunlight while maintaining comfort.

SolarBlock is easily applied to treated or untreated glass using a cost-efficient, single-step process, either as a retrofit to enhance the thermal efficiency of existing glazed structures or at the glass manufacturing stage. Our glass coating system can reduce energy consumption costs from air conditioning by up to 40% and is unique to anything else on the market today.

As a retrofit solution, SolarBlock is applied internally with minimal disruption and has a much longer life expectancy without the problems encountered with glass film.

SolarBlock provides an internationally available glass coating solution for a wide range of glazing applications.

Why use SolarBlock?

  • Reduces cooling costs in high glazed spaces by up to 40%
  • Retains a high level of visible light transmission and clarity
  • Creates a comfortable environment for effective use of glass elevations in architectural design
  • Can be easily applied to almost any glass specification
  • UV light is almost eliminated, improving the longevity of interior materials such as carpets, furniture and artwork
  • SolarBlock’s clear coating is virtually invisible, so keeps glass surfaces looking sharp
  • Environmentally friendly

Infared light known as heat energy or solar radiation, is reduced by 65%. The result is a healthier environment, reduced energy consumption and lower costs.

Visible light is maximized (only 17% reduction) with no optical distortion, giving the ability to enjoy natural sunlight while maintaining comfort.

Ultraviolet light is almost eleminated - a reduction of 96%. The longevity of interior materials such as carpets, furniture, draperies and other interior finishes is greatly improved.

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