About us

Solaris Technology is a global glass coating technology business based in the UK, USA and the Middle East.

Our mission is to harness glass coating technology and use it as a catalyst for change, improving both working and living conditions one kilowatt at a time. Solaris Technology’s coatings make buildings more energy efficient, reduce heating and ventilating costs and ultimately reduce global warming and air pollution. We are committed to solving global challenges through international scientific partnerships with leading glass manufacturing and retrofit companies within the construction, building maintenance and utilities industries.

Our story

Founded in 2016, Solaris Technology began its journey as a start-up, offering a single solar protective coating solution for glazing applications. The company has since grown into a global coating solutions firm, offering an integrated solutions package for private, corporate and government clients. In March 2019, we established our UK head office and research and development facility at BioCity Nottingham, the largest bioscience innovation and incubation centre in the UK.

We work with international research laboratories, chemical suppliers and universities, helping to bring exciting innovation to market through collaborating with the award-winning scientists that have developed and refined the technologies we use over the last 30 years.

Unlike other companies, who offer a single technology solution regardless of a client’s needs, our team of chemical engineers and material scientists work to find the best solution for each individual customer.

As Solaris Technology has grown, so too has our desire to nurture and inspire future talent. We maintain a strong belief in corporate social responsibility, and are committed to supporting community projects where we can. We began taking on graduate interns with the aim of supporting our further research and development to bring climate control products to global markets.

Our team

The foundations of the Solaris team are built on a shared desire to reduce energy consumption and make the world a more comfortable, environmentally friendly place to live and work. Our Managing Director, and driver for change, Dr Jon Hibbard has dedicated his career to product development, design and commercialisation of new innovation, including developments in special coatings.

Dr Hibbard is responsible for the science behind our SolarBlock technology, supported by a wider team that brings together extensive expertise in a number of distinct areas, including chemical engineering, materials science, business development, product design and commercialisation, and finance. Our goal was to have a team with diverse knowledge to match the diversity in our product’s range of applications.


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